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project address| Northwest Grand Mansion





project area|145m²



desginer|weifei chen 



desgn style|Nordic style




The case designer






design scheme





This is a case of remodeling. The second-hand House bought by the owner has more than 10 years of age, is a 145 square meters of small duplex high-rise housing. Husband and wife two can have a good education environment for the child, convenient go to school in the periphery, bought second-hand school district house to carry on the transformation here.






The original house is a three-bedroom two-room House, one bedroom on the first floor, two bedrooms on the second floor. The interior furnishings are relatively simple, although the area is not small, but the house is located on the first two floors, the light is not very sufficient, the interior is dark, the decoration is still decades ago style, has fallen behind the Times of change. Housing Reform is imperative





After the transformation, the decoration is based on the preference of the householder for the Nordic style. Nordic design return to nature, advocate the flavor of logs, plus modern, practical, exquisite art design style, reflects the modern city people into the post-modern society after another direction of thinking.




After the renovation of the house will be directly on the ground floor of the bedroom smashed, into a restaurant and storage room, the house suddenly become more open, to receive more sunlight, indoor bright and shining up.





The Wall is not decorated with patterns, but simply with colors and lines to distinguish the green metope. Green is the color of the leaves and grass, with a vibrant spring spirit, in line with the Nordic style advocate close to the purpose of nature.




The staircase leading to the second floor is not the part that needs to be decorated, but it can not be underestimated in the decoration of the small double-style House. Case staircase decoration has the ancient European decorative style, simple Brown collocation and white collocation, stairway handrails have a little sense of history of ancient Rome.




The Wall Decoration is a simple oil painting decoration, add a little sense of luxuriance. Such adornment resembles the ladder that Cinderella drops high-heeled shoe very much, have the desire that makes a person matchless explore.




The decoration of the bedroom took more golden yellow, the luxurious feeling of metal lines, which is the decorative color of the hall of wealth in Ancient Europe. The furniture that uses also does not use the furniture that carve, grain is more, lest and indoor whole style has the conflict feeling that kind of contend for one's own success, on the contrary dark red and golden collocation foil each other, more harmonious resonance.




After the renovation of the House has been very different from before the renovation, the family of three, although the parents of love never opened their mouths, but hidden in life, details. "years of quiet good, peace and warmth accompanied" , this is perhaps the most common is the most warm place. The parents, in the name of Love, had their house rebuilt and their lives renewed. The happiness of life lies in this one mu and three cents.






Unit structure





Design specifications



Minimalism embodies a concept of life that is both simple and noble. It's practical. It's small and practical. The current fashion has a combination of glass and metal minimalism design, more reflect the minimalism style of fashion quality. With a few decorations to create a beautiful home environment, simplify the elements of interior decoration, can make people's vision open, so that the focus of the space full of vitality.




This style features minimal design elements, colors, lighting, and materials, and the architecture of the space is presented in precise proportions and detail.




While lines and colors are simple, minimalistic styles are not. Each object emphasizes the relative mechanism and function of people and the rationality of the use of storage, showing the designer's meticulous observation of life and skillful design and application ability.